Homoeopathy is a modern system of medicine that had incepted only 200 years back. This budding mode of medicine have an ideology of “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER” which means “LET LIKE BE TREATED BY LIKE” was a step ahead of the thinking of prevailing schools of medicine of that era. The concept of dynamicity, holistic and individualistic approach to treat a patient were the basic boulders on which its foundation was laid by a great thinker, logician, “Master Samuel Christian Friedrick Hahnemann” in 1796. He himself being the practitioner of the old school gone through the various phases which opened the vista to evolve a new system of medicine that could be more efficient as well as based on more solid natural laws. He tried to reason his mind and based on that logical thinking gave birth to a new system which was more rational, gentle and had much more deeper impact to attain the Ideal Cure which was up till a mirage for the conventional system. As it is known to everyone it’s a natural way of treating diseases and is totally based on NATURE’S LAW..

advantages of opting HOMOEOPATHY

    • The holistic approach to treat the patient as a whole is the main distinguishing feature of this science which take note of the only outward reflected picture of the suffering in terms of various signs and subjective through the Painstaking Art of Case Taking instead of following the magnanimous and obscuring diagnostic terms which itself leads the patient to sink.
    • An ideal homoeopath follows all the basic guidelines as taught by our master and without being prejudiced takes note of only what is required to individualize the patient and render him free from all his suffering and restoring them naturally in him.
    • Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine, which with its potent medicines has averted many life-threatening and surgical conditions. That’s why these medicines are often called as SURGEON’S KNIFE.
    • Homeopathy is not a slow acting therapy, which requires time to act. When the remedy chosen is substantial to the case, it acts faster than conventional time of treatment. In chronic cases obviously, it takes time to elicit desired results in patients.

    • We believe in treating “the man in disease not disease in man”. Homoeopathic medicine works on our immune system on deepest layer. It stimulates the immune system and enhances the healing mechanism of body and our body treats the disease by itself only. These medicines works on genetic level and is based on rock solid scientific base.

    The vista in the field of medicine which is opened up for cure under the homoeopathic method of treatment is a wide one, and cure is always accomplished with the least possible disturbance to the patient and in the gentlest manner, yet with the most profound effect on the whole individual. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine upon which we can depend to set the individual system in order, and the patient on the high road to recovery, if recovery is possible.